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Fox Hero.png


Voiced by Christopher S. Fox

A street thief turned treasure hunter from an Earth populated by anthropomorphic animals.  He travels the multiverse in search of dangerous magical artifacts using a genie in his trademark hat.

Normalised Corrigan.png


Voiced by Christopher S. Fox

An alternate-universe version of Fox, Corrigan doesn't have a genie in his hat, but his cunning surpasses Fox's in every way.  Corrigan is also the head of the Nine Tails Syndicate, a group dedicated to subjugating Fox's Earth with magic.  

Andy Confused.png


Voiced by Andrew James Wilson

The voice of reason among Fox's ragtag friend group, Andy usually tries to live as normal a life as possible, only sometimes getting roped into Fox's adventures as a getaway driver.  All in all, he's a friendly sort who values all of his friends greatly.

Lynda Idle.png


Voiced by Morgan Ganahl

A former Interpol agent who defected to the Nine Tails Syndicate.  Her gruff exterior hides a more understanding interior.  She always keeps her true motives to herself.

Michael Bermuda Rose.png


Voiced by Jace Brantley

The top enforcer of the Nine Tails Syndicate and Jacob Corrigan's personal pilot.  While a firm believer in Corrigan's mission, his primary goal boils down to nothing more than petty financial gain.

Captain Kris Idle 2.png


Voiced by Estelle Ellis

A smuggler and pirate who operates in the northern Atlantic Ocean and is hired by the Nine Tails Syndicate to smuggle archeological artifacts out of Greenland, Iceland, and Norway.

Baldur Idle.png


Voiced by Jace Brantley

The Norse god Baldur was Odin's favored son.  His apparent death marked the beginning of the end of the Norse god's reign.  Baldur joins Fox and his team in their quest to find his adopted brother Loki's secrets.

Fenrir 2.png


Voiced by Adam Dergiman

The gigantic and monstrous demi-god son of Loki.  The god-like wolf aided in the destruction of Asgard and later gained fame as the Big Bad Wolf in fairytales. 

Zahrah Idle.png


Voiced by Marie-Anne Saunders

A rogue genie with incredible cosmic power capable of bending reality.  Zahrah is a recurring adversary of Fox's as she continues to find ways to prevent her magic and life force from running out.

Dante Dogwood.png


Voiced by Edward James

A young wizard who finds himself the only wizard left in all of Trivium thanks to Zahrah.  Though still amateurish with his powers, he seeks to be helpful wherever he can for Fox and his team.

Rosie Sweettooth.png


Voiced by Susan Robb

A kindly old woman who lives in the western port town of Sharktooth Bay and runs the Sweettooth Bakery, the prime source of food for the town.



Voiced by Diffuse Moose

The destructive Lord of Earth and member of the Elemental Lords.  Second strongest next to Rane, Terros is determined to steal the powers of the Fire Lord.

Malos (1).png


Voiced by Adam Dergiman

Although the Lord of Shadow's unnerving powers and constant pining over Rane leave him an outcast most of the time, the rest of the Elemental Lords keep him around as their go-to spy and method of transportation.

Crash Mancheeks (V3).png


Voiced by Steven Reatherford

The self-centered, muscle-bound leader of the Trivium Monster Hunters' Guild determined to do whatever it takes to free Trivium of all monster aggressors.  Even if those monsters aren't actually monsters.



Voiced by Ray O'Hare

The enigmatic knight who first discovered the Twilight Advent centuries ago, and shared its power with the people of Trivium.  Who he really is remains a mystery, even to him.

Gary Idle_edited_edited.png


Voiced by Rory W. Griffin

Fox's traveling companion with a rude attitude.  Raised by monsters on his Earth, Gary found himself on Fox's Earth one day and roped right into Fox's many adventures.  Despite his complaining, Gary is a firm believer Fox's life mission.

Soviet Nom V2_edited.png


Voiced by Austin Henderson

A smooth, wise-cracking mercenary and general ner'do-well.  The only thing more important to Soviet in finding his fortune as a soldier-for-hire is his dedication to his friends.

Widik Stink Eye.png


Voiced by Gavin A.

A hyperactive pyromaniac with the unique ability to conjure and control fire.  Widik's love of explosions makes him a fast friend of Soviet's, but he harbors deep secrets and is very protective of his fire power's mystic source.

Nigel Pennywhistle.png


Voiced by Connan Bell

Born to a wealthy English family, Nigel Pennywhistle's quest to make a name for himself led to him acquiring shapeshifting powers and a knack for becoming a consistent and annoying thorn in Fox's side as a rival treasure hunter.

Gorg Idle.png


Voiced by Rory W. Griffin

Formerly a circus strongman, he was recruited by the Nine Tails Syndicate to be Jacob Corrigan's personal bodyguard and right-hand man.  He's a mute who speaks only in growls and grunts.



Voiced by Diffuse Moose

A wealthy philanthropist whose ancestor was a famed archeologist.



Voiced by Adam Dergiman

A towering, vicious serpent who rules the Earth known as Niflheim.  His titanic size and acidic saliva have long made him a formidable foe for gods and mortals alike. 



Voiced by Adam Dergiman

The royal butler and confidante to the Emperor of Trivium.  Despite his age and reserved appearance and manners, he has a few tricks up his sleeves.



Voiced by Edward James

Once the royal advisor to the Emperor of Trivium, now a lackey to Zahrah.  Under her command, he poses as the Emperor to try and trick Fox.

Honest Uncle Dunk.png


Voiced by Mike Pollock

A self-proclaimed pirate and sailor who runs his own questionable pirate-themed cruise line from his rundown ship The Rancid Doubloon.

Stern Rane.png


Voiced by Alison Prophet

Strict leader of the Elemental Lords and the Lord of Water herself, Rane is a born leader who commands respect, having fought all her life to earn it.



Voiced by Ryder Moriarty

The Lord of Wind and a hotshot in every sense of the world.  Despite his more laid-back attitude compared to the rest of the Elemental Lords, Darien's wind gusts are capable of tornado-force destruction.

Emperor Silas.png


Voiced by Ramzey Zourob

The benevolent sovereign of all of Trivium.  In his youth, he was a sidekick and friend to Fox's grandmother.  Now, he is one of the only people in the multiverse who retain knowledge of the Twilight Advent, an energy capable of controlling reality.



Voiced by Mary-Anne Stanek

Born to be a warrior, she and her brother protected their village from all manner of trouble.  Now, she seeks vengeance for her brother's apparent death at the hands of Zahrah, even going as far as to join the Trivium Monster Hunters' Guild. 

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